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Odessa Blockchain HackFest: The Battle of Startups

For the first time an event will take place in sunny Odessa that a self-respecting crypto-enthusiast shouldn’t miss – the international blockchain hackathon Odessa Blockchain HackFest! The organizers will have a colorful Odessa hospitality and will combine both novices and veterans of the blockchain industry in one event. November 17-18, the real battle between 150 startups is announced, from which new ideas, solutions and original products are expected. In exchange for this, beginner blockchain revolutionaries will receive from the organizers experience and mentoring support from world-class experts. And believe me, they have a lot to learn, because the judges of

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Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Son to launch ODBCoin

Russel Tyron Jones’s Son, Barson Unique Jones, has confirmed the launch of the ODBCoin on December 1. ODBCoin, initially known as DirtyCoin and officially announced in March, will be used as an asset for future projects investments. The release of the new token, which is based on Ethereum blockchain, will be held in cooperation with Link Media Partners. The funding process undergoes not through an ICO, but so-called IAO (Initial Artist Offering). The AltMarket will be the official platform for such IAOs. “We would like to create a whole new institution that respects our clients”, said Bryce Verner. Ol’ Dirty


A Green Light For Coinbase By NYDFS

New-York regulator has approved an application of the biggest cryptoexchange Coinbase to create a special service for cryptocurrencies custody. The Department of Financial Service has officially announced the approval of Coinbase application to launch a custody under the name Coinbase Custody Trust company. A new instrument will provide services for cryptocurrency custody, specifically for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, and Ripple (XRP). It should be noted that above mentioned cryptocurrencies, apart from XRP, are available for buy/sell on the cryptoexchange Coinbase. A president and COO of Coinbase, Azir Hirji, said, how important to have a support from such

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Two More Startups Joined Ripple

The RippleNet payment ecosystem continues to expand its list of members. This time two large companies joined the popular service – the British trading and currency startup MoneyNetInt and the financial company MoneyMatch. MoneyNetInt implements the Ripple system for the fast and secure processing of international transactions. As for the Malaysian partner, the product from the Ripple team will help MoneyMatch to provide remittances from Asia to Europe. Moreover, the Ripple`s payment solution called xVia has already successfully passed the testing stage, showing itself from the best side in transactions from Malaysia to Spain.  

Blockchain news Platform Ruthlessly Hacked, 50 Million TIO Tokens Were Stolen

Yesterday’s evening turned out to be restless for the team of the platform. 50 million TIO tokens were stolen from the company’s cold wallet. In the afternoon of that ill-fated day, the unknown moved 50 million TIO from the cold wallet – 1.3 million tokens immediately appeared on Kucoin and Bancor. After hacking and until that time, TIO trading on these exchanges was suspended until clarification of the circumstances and troubleshooting. It is interesting to note that yesterday morning, 50 million Trade Token (TIO) were estimated at $11 million, but hackers, by their actions, shifted the price down

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Blockchain School: Opportunity To Get Free Education In Paris

Instead of boring lessons – developing smart contracts. The first blockchain school opens in Paris, which takes on the task of raising a whole generation of blockchain enthusiasts. Alyra company gathers the future experts at desks. At the same time, the chance to become a student of the school is provided even if the potential professional does not have the finances to pay for education. The main requirements are talent, knowledge of at least one programming language and the desire to develop revolutionary products. It is also interesting that the students of the course are offered as remote lectures and

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Gemini`s Customers are Calm: Their Funds are Insured

Users of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, owned by the Winklevoss brothers, exhaled with relief, as their digital assets are insured. Representatives of the crypto exchanger assure that all cryptocurrency funds will be insured by Aon company. At the same time, the official blog Gemini reports that the choice fell on Aon is not accidental, because it provides not only the insurance services, but operates the tools for crisis management and pension savings. Agree that in times of hacking, this step could contribute to the expansion of the customer base, as users will be confident in the protection of their investments.


South Korea is Approaching ICO Legalization

A member of the ruling South Korean Democratic Party, Min Byung-Doo, who is also the head of the National Policy Committee, called on the government to legalize the ICO and create an appropriate framework to regulate the crypto industry. As stated by Min, regulation is necessary, as this is the only way to legitimize the market and build trust among investors towards the cryptocurrency market. In his speech to the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, сhairman Min emphasized the need to introduce new technologies and recognize new trends in the global technological and financial space. The fact that

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Release of Yoroi Wallet for Cardano: Easy to Use and Fast Transactions

Cardano`s (ADA) holders are offered a new alternative to popular wallets. Developers of Yoroi wallet launched a new version of software for this network. This wallet is quite simple to use: transactions in ADA cryptocurrency take only a few minutes and Yoroi can be used directly in the browser. Moreover, according to the developers, it opens the ability to import data from the Daedalus` desktop version. At this stage, Yoroi operates in Chrome, but the team plans to expand the number of supported browsers. Moreover, the developers are already working on the integration of this software with hardware wallets. In

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SEC Deprives American Start-Ups of Investments

The US regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), changed the plans of the hedge fund Arrington XRP Capital. The management of TechCrunch decided to create a hedge fund last year. Its goal was the investing  in prospective American blockchain start-ups. But now its founder Michael Arrington changes the vector of development: SEC has already appointed a meeting in court for the second time, it forces the hedge fund to refuse to invest in American projects. The Commission’s position is clear – from the representatives of the fund it is required to open information about investments in one American company.

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0x launched the protocol version 2.0

Attracted during the ICO $24 million developers of 0x sent in the right direction. 0xProject launched a new version of the open protocol of the decentralized crypto exchange 0x. The novelty is a modernized system of smart contracts in the Ethereum network . One of the creators of the protocol states that version 2.0 will be useful for developers, since it stands out an auxiliary modularity and extensibility. With the v2.0 protocol, you can also operate with all ERC-20 and NFT tokens. It should be noted that the previous version of 0x allowed using open liquidity pools and reduce the

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Australian Science: Blockchain Can Process 30,000 Cross-Border Transactions per Second

The Australian Federal Science Agency in cooperation with the University of Sydney has completed a global testing of the Red Belly Blockchain system according to which blockchain system can handle 30,000 cross-border transactions per second. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) announced the test results on Wednesday. It was tested across 1,000 nodes in 14 countries. An experiment was deployed using the global cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services. CSIRO said the transactions were sent with an average latency of three seconds. According to a  published paper, CSIRO and the University of Sydney uses a different algorithm known as