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A dangerous vulnerability was found in Bitcoin that could be fatal to the entire network

Cybersecurity experts from Cornell University in the US made the crypto community nervous about the error message in Bitcoin, which endangered the entire network for more than a year. Cornell University professor and blockchain researcher Emin Gun Sirer said that the Bitcoin Core software was vulnerable, and hackers could crack the code without much effort, spending only 12.5 bitcoins on the attack. The university professor notes that the revealed vulnerability allowed miners to create a harmful block that will make attempts to conduct a transaction twice, which will lead to software failure for each recipient and, as a result, the

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Threat of the secret mining Wannamine

Cryptojacking – illegal using of the computing power of other computers for the purpose of mining is a real danger, even after the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market shows a decline. Analysts of cyber security platform Cybereason in their report say that the victims of the program Wannamine have become more than 1000 devices. The Wannamine malicious program penetrates the computer system through vulnerabilities in the SMB protocol. Then the software “spreads through the network, increasing efficiency and getting the ability to run arbitrary code on as many devices as possible.” Wannamine is much more dangerous than other tools of