SBI Holdings To Revitalize Blockchain In Asia

It seems like a blockchain technology has a good reputation in the Asia market, however, not all industries had a chance to test the super technology. That is why SBI Holdings in joint cooperation with R3 decided to solve this issue.

According to the resource, Japanese company SBI, which is extensively working in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere, will fund R3 as a part of the promotion.

Europe is the most advanced in blockchain product development. The new joint venture will strengthen the Japanese language service, and promote adoption”, – said R3 CEO David Rutter.

Company’s members also stated that a promotion will affect Japan, as well as other Asian countries.

It is well known, R3 is using a distributed ledger technology (DLT), namely a blockchain, in order to increase the efficiency of the banking sector. As of today, American startup has more than 200 clients all over the world.

Earlier, FNI Blockchain reported that 26 companies and 5 banks had successfully completed testing a blockchain platform Corda by R3.

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