Powerful Than The Internet: More than 37% Of Large German Business “For” Blockchain

German business continues to be interested in blockchain technology. A recent market study showed that more than 37% of big business representatives showed interest in the blockchain and consider this technology to be more promising than online promotion.

According to the report of the German edition of Bitkom, in general, 15% of German companies believe that the blockchain “will change society and the economy in the same way as the Internet.”

“In addition to artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) market, blockchain technology is one of the three current areas of development with“ enormous potential ”, the survey says.

Large companies in which the number of employees is above 500 people believe that the blockchain should be used in all areas of activity. 37% of respondents agreed with this opinion.

About 46% of the surveyed companies classified Germany as “late” in the implementation of the blockchain technology, where the FRG lags far behind other countries. A large proportion of respondents (40%) stated that they see Germany not as a leader in the development of technology, but somewhere in the development process of this direction if we speak from the point of view of the development of the blockchain.

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