80% Is “For”: The Vast Majority Of Huobi Users For Token “Burning”

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi announced the results of a recent vote on its website. It concerned the further fate of the purchased tokens of the HT platform. 80% of users voted for the burning of Huobi Token.

As stated in the text on the official page of the site, Huobi previously allocated 20% of its revenue for the quarterly purchase of HT on the open market with a view to their further distribution among holders of tokens. Now the exchange decided to revise this business model due to numerous requests from users and provided an opportunity for HT owners to decide the fate of their assets.

For three days, 5,010 users cast 72,079,205 votes (one vote was equal to one HT). 19.1% of voters preferred the current distribution model of tokens, and 80.99% chose their “burning”.

Within five days after the end of the voting, the Huobi team promised to publish an updated plan for the repurchase of Huobi Token.

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