Ledger Opened Doors For Monero

A cryptocurrency wallet Ledger, mainly a Nano S model, from now on supports Monero. Developers of the popular cold wallet announced it on Twitter.

Ledger Nano S is now fully compatible with the Monero GUI 0.13 app.

Ledger CEO, Eric Larchevêque, confirmed the latest update:

“Due to this update, Ledger devices cover 90% of the full cryptocurrency market cap”.

The company does not plan to stop at this point. An integration and connection of other actual crypto assets gonna last. In terms of the company’s traditional process, new releases will be presented monthly.

Monero holders can install the above-mentioned app through the Ledger Live.

Earlier, we reported that the manufacturer of the cryptocurrency wallets opened an office in New-York, in which the team of the developers is going to work on the Ledger Vault project.

In October, it became known that a company also planned to extend devices’ volume to storage stablecoins like Tether and Carbon.

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