Israeli Businessman Accused Of Misappropriating Funds From ICO

Israeli investors accuse well-known crypto businessman Moshe Hogeg of appropriating funds received during two ICO campaigns.

According to the publication The Times of Israel, 17 owners of shares associated with a businessman company IDC Investdotcom Holdings have applied for the liquidation of the company. Later, the Tel Aviv court appointed an interim trustee for liquidation.

The deceived shareholders claim that the management was carried out mainly from Israel, and not from Cyprus, where the company is registered. Investors believe that tens of millions of dollars received during the ICO, Moshe Hogeg appropriated, refusing to pay dividends to investors.

Probably, according to the media, the reason for such suspicions was the purchase of expensive things by a businessman, for which the businessman simply did not have the funds, based on his financial statements.

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