Cryptocurrency Market Review, November 28: The Return Of The Prodigal Bitcoin

Today, on Wednesday, November 28, Bitcoin alongside with XRP and Ethereum skyrocketed, Bitcoin SV demonstrated a sharp drop.

Bitcoin, at review time, inched up by 6.37% to $4 022,91. The main cryptocurrency’s market cap is $69 988 242 796B.

XRP restored its growth and increased 5.09% in value. The current price is $0,3727.

Ethereum supported the positive take-off of his rivals and bolstered his position on $114,83 level.

Bitcoin Cash slumped 0.76% to $183,08.

Stellar came busting into the trading green zone with the updated price of $0,1520.

EOS could not show decent results over the past 24 hours and lost 0.10% in value. The current price is $3.14.

The ambitious project of Craig Wright and his supporters, Bitcoin SV, lost 21.67% in value and now it trades at $87,11.

The overall market cap is $131 048 918 193B. BTC dominance is 53.4%

From news, noteworthy that Goldman Sachs Group Inc. isn’t any closer to offering one the key services sought by clients still intrigued by cryptocurrencies amid this year’s collapse in digital-asset prices.

We remind that last year, the corporation has announced a launch of its trading desk for cryptocurrencies.


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