New Service Of OKEx Exchange: A Little Bit About The “Crypto-Piggy Bank” And Savings

On November 26, OKEx Crypto Exchange will provide some of its users with access to a new service for additional profit. Its essence lies in the free assets stored on the site. The site itself is called OK PiggyBank and is still available in beta version.

According to the official report of the OKEx crypto exchange, each user will be able to transfer an unlimited amount of funds into a “piggy bank” to receive a daily interest, while withdrawing assets from there will be possible at any time. The interest on the deposit will be charged from the day after the deposit is made, and the automatic crediting to the account will be made on the third day.

At the same time, OKEx guarantees that with the help of a new service, clients of a crypto-exchange will be able to take loans with low-interest rates, recalculations every hour and getting leverage. The management of the site is confident that such a highly functional risk management and cloud computing system will provide excellent security for user assets.

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