CEO BitMEX to Predict The Major ICO Collapse After The Secondary Market Entering

The head of the BitMEX crypto platform, Arthur Hayes, believes that the tokens of the largest ICO projects that managed to raise more than $ 50 million will collapse after entering the secondary market.

As the head of the crypto exchange BitMEX writes in the next issue of the digest for investors, the research concerns companies such as Telegram, tZero, DFINITY, Oasis Labs, Filecoin, Basis, Orchid Protocol, Algorand, Cosmos, Rootstock, Hashgraph and Polkadot.

According to Artur Heys, during the tokensails, these companies attracted huge amounts of well-known investment funds. However, he was sceptical about the likelihood that the value of such tokens when appearing on the secondary market would be at the level of the last round of investments, taking into account the volume of assets issued.

According to the head of the crypto-exchange, there are rumours in the blockchain community that some of the funds that have invested in ICO projects are ready to sell their shares at a discount before listing the tokens on the trading floors.

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