The Crypto Game In The World: Meet The Blockchain Cuties

The first international conference for crypto games and gaming services, which are based on blockchain technology, took place on October 17-18, 2018 in Minsk.
The conference was attended by more than 600 participants from 25 countries who wanted to share experience in blockchain gaming and who are striving to make this industry world famous.

Since blockchain games are a new trend in the old world, everyone who was already involved in this field guaranteed that the new synergy would contribute to a serious meaning and global adaptation of crypto games. 65 international speakers led the work on the organization of crypto-gaming, being the pioneers of the industry. The next generation of developers of crypto games will undoubtedly create their innovations on the knowledge gained from today’s representatives of the industry.

During the conference, a serious competition took place in which the game “Blockchain Cuties” took the first place among hundreds of applicants. Vladimir Tomko, producer and CEO of Blockchain Cuties, delivered a presentation describing the current situation on the crypto-gaming market.


A brief history of games

Part I
The first blockchain game, Crypto-Punk, was released on June 2, 2017. The rules were very simple: collect, redeem or put up for sale punks. At the same time, the whole essence of the tragedy of new crypto gaming was in the poor payment system, which was not perfect. The players themselves had to look for other participants to make a deal. Despite this fact, the game received a good rate of Return On Investment (ROI).


Part II
November 28, 2017, was created the game Cryptokitties. This game was a quality product. The Cryptokitties blew up the public, forcing the Ethereum network to lag for a while. They launched the market and made people believe that crypto games are not just nostalgic memory that takes you back to childhood.


Part III
In April 2018, the Blockchain Cuties collection game was officially released. Indeed, the best features were borrowed from the above-mentioned games, but animated lizards, puppies, bears, and other creatures were not previously presented in such an assortment. Each Cutie has its own unique genome, which players must decode to receive rare and valuable prizes. Players decide whether to breed their big army of cuties to send them on an adventure or sell them for a good price. Each attribute of the cutie, namely, mustache, hair, eye color and other, directly affect the overall value and activity of the cutie. The game also contains battles where dice are thrown, affecting the format of the strategy in the future. This fact can create a new beginning in the development of crypto-gaming.

Meet and love them!
The countries that play the most crypto games are China and the United States. The real audience of players is approximately 2 million. The average number of users in the game – 14,000 users. This indicator is derived from the total number of game wallets and daily transactions.

Who are these 2 million?
Desktop users
Crypto enthusiasts
ICO investors
Men 25+

It’s time for a serious talk
It is worth noting that progress without mistakes is impossible. Crypto games are not perfect – this, of course, is a fact. Knowing the weak points to invest your time, money and energy is the best way to improve them and a synonym for success in the coming years. Get over it!

Issues of the crypto gaming industry
1. There is no real gaming strategy. There are no normal RPGs yet. There are no ordinary games yet.Mobile gaming is possible, but adaptation to it is very slow.
2. Players can not pay cryptocurrency in accordance with the rules of the App Store, otherwise, the application will be deleted. Sometimes there are in-game payments and separate crypto payments through another application or website.
3. Players must be careful if they decide to trust one of the crypto games. Not a popular game among the community is alarming, especially if the developers try to hide information about themselves. Remember that players must be cautious.

Opportunities for the crypto gaming industry

The market is growing and there are many opportunities for the use of crypto assets, especially through trading services. For example, such as OpenSea, OPSkins, BitGuild. Blockchain games offer marketable content both on the platforms themselves and beyond.

Code transparency

The market requires gaming assets. Collectible crypto items are 100% player assets. They are considered a valuable currency because people always buy what they can successfully sell.

The future is here!

All useful conclusions were presented by Vladimir Tomko, who is the producer of the best game based on the results of the conference.

It is important to note that Blockchain Cuties is very famous for its powerful community. Players at different levels of experience share their ideas, victories, and thoughts in a Telegram. You can always ask your questions and get answers from players.

See you in the game!


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