The Risk Zone: MasterCard And VISA Determined A Dangerous Degree For Cryptocurrency And ICO

Despite the fact that blockchain technologies have long been integrated into the work of many financial giants, they are still afraid to work with crypto assets. Earlier, FNI Blockchain wrote that MasterCard is the leader in implementing the blockchain, just like VISA. But due to the constant risk of loss, the payment systems added cryptocurrency instruments to the “high risk of loss” list.

According to Finance Magnates, citing well-informed sources, the team of MasterCard financial aggregator plans to include such types of assets as “high-risk”, such as CFD, Forex, cryptocurrency and ICO. Moreover, the start of active monitoring of new profits, which investors will receive, has already been scheduled for October 15 at MasterCard, and VISA will begin its checks from December this year.

MasterCard and VISA called the cryptocurrency and ICO “high-risk actives”

Due to these innovations, some financial aggregators have already informed their customers that they would begin to limit the rules for depositing and withdrawing funds from debit cards where the above-mentioned “dangerous assets” were used.

In the future, it is planned to reduce the chargeback period, as well as to increase taxes on transactions with these assets, if payment system teams do not verify them by their own rules.

The Broker Complaint Registry team notes an unprecedented increase in speculation and the emergence of non-state tokens have led financial aggregates to be afraid to work with such assets. Based on such a policy, payment systems try to absolve themselves of responsibility for illegal actions.

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