Now it’s free: TRON plans to distribute its tokens throw the BitTorrent

Did you know earlier how to get the cryptocurrency in an easy way? But everything is simple – if you use BitTorrent service, you can receive cryptocurrency for free. Now each user of the BitTorrent site will be able to receive their TRON coins for storing and distributing links to download the necessary content within the framework of the new Project Atlas project.

According to the company, the founder and CEO of Tron Justin Sun, who is also the owner of BitTorrent, noted that the initiative of this project is “the basis for a new model for the distribution of content.” He also noted that now they would offer higher speed, compatibility and more sideways. “Ultimately, we plan to give more opportunities to all content creators and their communities by removing intermediaries so authors can share directly with users,” San said.

The press release also notes that Tron uses the protocol Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) as a mechanism for obtaining funds, which means users do not need to drop tokens on their devices. Instead, TRX awards will be “based on the resources presented.” At the same time, new features will be optional – all those who wish can continue to use BitTorrent for free.

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