Cryptocurrencies Are Officially Allowed In Mongolia

How it is not strange (yes, do not be surprised!), but it is allowed to legally use digital assets in Mongolia. The reason for this decision is simple – the leading telecommunications company of this country called Mobicom launches the first blockchain platform forbidding, and also allows for users to place their funds on electronic wallets in a new cryptocurrency called Candy.

The National Bank of Mongolia officially handed over to the Mobicom chief board the country’s first license for the use of cryptocurrency funds on its territory. Also, after the presentation, the leadership of the National Bank reported that a separate resolution will introduce a list of rules and conditions, on which it will be possible to conduct financial transactions with cryptocurrencies.

Mobicom representatives reported that not only their customers but also all those who wish could freely purchase Candy from the beginning of October this year. It is then that the decision of The National Bank of Mongolia will come into force, and the license of the telecommunications company will become valid.

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